Best free roguelike games for Android

A roguelike is a type of video game that is characterized by randomly generated levels, turn-based gameplay, permadeath, and often a high level of difficulty. The term "roguelike" comes from the 1980 game "Rogue", which was one of the first games in this genre and served as the inspiration for many of the games that followed. In a roguelike, players typically navigate through procedurally generated dungeons, fighting enemies and collecting items along the way. The levels are usually randomly generated each time the player starts a new game, ensuring that no two play-throughs are exactly the same. The turn-based gameplay means that each action taken by the player or an enemy requires a set amount of time to complete, allowing players to plan their moves and strategize. The permadeath mechanic means that if the player's character dies, the game is over and the player must start over from the beginning, with no ability to continue from a previous save point. This adds to the challenge of the game and encourages players to be more careful in their choices and movements. Roguelikes also often feature a high degree of difficulty, as players must face increasingly difficult challenges as they progress through the game. This difficulty is often increased by the fact that death is permanent, and players must learn from their mistakes and improve their strategies in order to progress. Overall, roguelikes are known for their challenging gameplay and randomly generated levels, and are popular among players who enjoy the challenge of a difficult game and the excitement of discovering new and different levels each time they play. Here is a list of some of the best free Roguelike games for Android