Pet Memorials

For a family or an individual with a pet, there's no greater pain than the moment they pass away. These little bundles of joy become members of the family who provide love, support, laughter and boundless energy. They are therapeutic, protective and non-judgmental—which is precisely why the saying "man's best friend" exists. Needless to say, it's no surprise that when a pet owner loses their four-legged companion, they grieve, the same way they would if they lost a human family member. They say time is the best healer of all wounds, but in the meantime, the best pet memorial gifts can certainly be a nice, comforting gesture to an animal parent in mourning. Pet memorial frames are specially designed to hold a photo of your furry loved one alongside a heartfelt sentiment or memorabilia like a paw print or your pet's collar for a beautiful display. The best pet memorial gifts will be personal, thoughtful, and, most importantly, help spark positive memories about the pet. They can include details about the beloved animal, such as a name, date of passing or a photo.